February 25th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

a change is gonna come...

well, i stole the lyrics from another journal. i hope they show below:
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the best use of that song was in spike lee's "malcolm x" when malcolm was in the car, going to the audobon ballroom to meet his fate. great scene. great song. it goes through my head often. get the sam cooke version. heartbreaking.

so i got a call yesterday. i didn't find out until i returned from the UPS meeting. it was a call about a job. i was doing a little *dance* i was so happy. i called this morning and was again faced with this issue. any and all advice on how to handle it is welcome:

i was fired from my last job. there were office politics involved, but on record it was for errors in data entry. i simply told the woman i was fired for errors, but that she could call at least 3 to 5 people still at the company that could attest to the fact that i was a decent employee. damn! i never know how to handle it. she told me she'd call me later to let me know if i could start the paid training -- or rather if i were one of the people *chosen* to begin the paid training. here's the question:

how deep do you delve into an issue like that? do you explain the sordid details if you were fired? does it automatically bode ill for any job after that, as it has for me?

i was there for nearly 4 years, so obviously i was loyal to the company (though they, of course, don't care if it's you against the bottom line), i switched departments (which i think was the mistake. i should have stayed in the call center), i worked overtime many days. what the hel? it's been nearly a year and i haven't found another "real" job yet. not sure what the deal is. i'm tempted to call the woman back and explain more, but i'm not sure how professional that would appear. thoughts?
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Coffee Squirrel

small issues...

so. as previously mentioned, i escaped my cozy, smokey little hovel. i think i picked the wrong night for UPS as it was Pagan parenting night. *shudder* parenthood. blah. at any rate, i stayed. and i was surprized that i found myself nodding at some points and wondering what i would pass on to a kid or even to my nieces and nephews except joking with them whenever i see them and one is "finally" taller than their auntie: "i TOLD you not to grow anymore! what are you doing taller than me? you think you're a grown up now, don't you little girl?!" tee, hee. never fails to make little D laugh. not so little now. i swear the girl is only 14 and will soon be as tall as her six foot father. her feet are already a few sized bigger than mine. *sigh* where was i when my family genes were doling out the height? my dad's six feet. my brothers are tall enough. my mom's five-four. *shrugs* i don't know what happened. but i still love tall people. and envy them.

the twist is that i actually met a girl who was six feet who said she was envious of ME because i was short and cute and she thought men would be attracted to me because of my smallness. well. a night out at the club proved her TOTALLY wrong. i'm cute like a squirrel: as they pass you might smile or go "awww". but up close, they're sort of weird and oddly put together. eric saved a baby squirrel. i still thought it was cute. but eric's sister was sort of weirded out i think...so i'll call myself sort of squirrel-cute. or like a monet: vaguely wistful from afar. unfathomable big blobs up close.

i wonder why normal looking folks have issues with looks? damned magazines. one of my favorite movies was "the truth about cats and dogs". i love the premise. but it would have been more effective if jeneane garafolo were actualy unattractive.

eric and i watch elimidate just to laugh at how stupid people are and to express how baffled we are by the ultimate decision of the picker. i am almost NEVER wrong when pointing out who the guy will pick. oh, well. we get what we get, right? i can only be me...

by the way: i heard from my instructor with the computer course i took. i passed!! so happy. that's over.
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Coffee Squirrel

10 things...

10 things I have done that you probably haven’t, but your ok anyhow, and if you did do them that’s ok too.

1) I had five ear infections in one year as a child.

2) I was in the hospital for a week while getting tested for dwarfism and my parents wrung their hands whether to give me growth hormones. *rolls eyes* Obvioulsy they decided against. Seriously, they made the right choice.

3) I met Steve Stevens, guitarist for Billy Idol. He was so nice. But I froze up and couldn't talk to him. Sucks. I wanted to ask to be his guitar protoge.

4) I put a sheet over my head and threw myself down the stairs just to see what it felt like. There were so many kids around that my mom didn't notice. I was at the bottom of the stairs entwined in the sheet, laughing my ass off and wanting to do it again.

5) After having some hearing loss for years without my mom noticing, i finally had tubes surgically put into my ears to drain the fluid. I could hear better after that, but I allowed myself to ignore some people, feining deafness. It was junior high. Easier to pretend you didn't hear a thing.

6) I was the first girl that my tattooist in Chicago DIDN'T see crying with the pain of their first tattoo. I also didn't bleed much. He said he was unnerved. i simply go to my happy place ;)

7) I climbed and repelled down a 70 foot cliff in eigth grade. Going down was fun. Climbing sucked, but I was proud.

8) I had at least a pound removed from each breast -- on purpose. GODS could I sleep better after that operation. And less back pain.

9) I went to England for a week with no housing plans. I had a blast, though. I wandered London alone a bit. Then went to visit my pen pal -- finally met him in person after writing for 14 years.

10) I was paid $1,000 for an essay that was never published. I finally called to ask them why. Now the magazine says they won't use because they're trying to go more mainstream. Which I am not. I got to keep the money, though!
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Coffee Squirrel

well. at least i'm important somewhere

High Priest/ess
You scored 71.
You have passed three degrees of 23, the magick number 69, Discordian. As Pope I initiate you into the Fourth Degree of the PARATHEO-ANAMETAMYSTIKHOOD OF ERIS ESOTERIC, or POEE. Henceforth, you shall be addressed as a High Priest/ess, until such time as you get your Shit Together and graduate to the Next Degree.

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The Discordian Test
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