February 12th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel


i did okay on the final. not the best, but okay. the instructor is cool enough to let me bring up the grades of a couple of my tests by retaking them. he said he'd e-mail me about it.

i wish i could be one of the cool kids going out to applebee's after class. but i can't. i don't have a car and i don't want to stay late. i just have a need to be home and veg in front of the telly after all this stress. i couldn't even sleep well last night. i kept jumping awake because of anxiety dreams about my failing and having even *more* debt to worry about.

it's mostly over, though. that's a good thing. mostly.i'm sitting now in the school's student center, passing time 'till my ride comes. bri-guy was nice enough to volunteer to get me. i told him 3:30. i didn't realize we'd be done so quickly.

i want to go to the comcast building monday and put in my resume. i'll see what happens. i didn't work at all this week. sucks. i forgot to write my name in on available days at the restaurant. and when i called to let them know what days, the message apparently wasn't relayed to the person making the schedule. what can you do. i may or may not go over to the restaurant today and write in thursday and friday for next week. i also gotta go to the food shelf again. rent's paid through may, but i'm broke as hell and it doesn't look like much is going to be coming in. seems like amsterdam is blown to hell. i'm going to call and see if eric can go on his own. no sense in us both being stuck here.

and *FINALLY* i finished my application for "teach for america". i don't know if i mentioned it. i'm going to try to go to their new mexico location. i hate the heat, but it will be fun to be on a res and it will be enriching to learn about another culture. i find out before 7 march if i'm accepted. then if i am, i have to go for a month to houston texas. in june. yuck. super hot. it works out, though: eric gets away for a while, then i get away for a while with the training. then we both get the hell out of dodge. gotta check on mental health services in new mexico, though. hope the blood guy comes to you -- like here in MN. if you take clozaril, you have to have your blood checked every two weeks or so. it would be a pain to have to go to a place since he doesn't drive. my staying here means i could work and save up for a car, too! mobile again! that would be nice. and i'd HAVE to have one in New Mexico.

well, more later. i gotta check out some New Mexico links. peace.

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