February 2nd, 2005

Coffee Squirrel


i feel a little hopeful about the interview i had at the science museum. we'll see what happens -- they said to check in next week. i felt so out of it. i hope i made a decent impression. i haven't had an interview in ages, even with all the sending of the resumes ;) i've gotten out of practice. i may not have smiled enough. i wonder if they thought i was weird. i am, but they shouldn't know this, right? you gotta pretend, especially if you look different, that "HEY! it's alright: i'm just like YOU." NOT!

at any rate, it would be a good job to have before the trip -- if i take it. they're very flexible w/the hours. they do the scheduling a month in advance. i could still come back to it when i return to the country and make some more money before i move to eugene (if that happens).

here's hoping. i feel okay, but exhausted. not used to getting up at 8am anymore. didn't sleep well, either.

i did *laugh* today, though. asianrenegade had this GREAT post about black history month. very funny. and one of his buddies had a birthday. his journal was funny, too.

i'm at school early. will look over the cirriculum a bit before class. take a couple of tests. try to get caught up. next week is the last week. then i'll celebrate!!!! i hate computers and don't even know if i'll make use of this. i just love how quickly it allows me to communicate. it's a tool. i don't anthopomorphize my PC. nor did i my car when i had one. i often mistook other white cars for mine. it's a tool, not a toy. oh, well.

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