January 24th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel


i'm shivering. i wish i could leave class. it's distracting. i hope i'm not getting sick. i don't feel cold. but i'm shaking. it just started. i actually had a good day. i filled out applications at both a hotel and at the science museum. i'm sure i look spastic to the teacher and to the woman sitting next to me. i make an effort to seem calm, but i naturally tend toward the paranoid. i hope i don't get TOO sick. i don't have insurance yet.

minnesota cares rec'd my app, but they are behind in processing. when i called, they were on november 19 or something. they've got a ways to go to mine. i sent it (or re-sent it)december 20th.

so odd. i feel so helpless most of the time that when something very personal happens that i can't control (like this shivering), it throws me. i can't tell if i'm exceptionally warm. and i don't have a thermometer at home. i'll just have to take my day-quill and read until i fall asleep. i hope i'm able to get up tomorrow morning. i'm supposed to go to oreintation to be a volunteer at KFAI radio. it's a local public station.

i'll just call if i can't make it. oy! don't feel well. stomach issues.

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