January 19th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

more gratitude

i'm thankful for anyone who took a moment to see when i was in my anti-social shell and wave hello. thank you, specifically: beadles, tab, tracy and those who gave sincere contact at my former workplace.

i'm at the computer lab at school. now i have to thank my teacher ;)

i want to sculpt. not sure how i'll do it. perhaps i'll use discarded things. i don't have the money for clay right now.

i now have no retirement savings. i paid off some rent ahead of time to avoid calamity. i've got to compose a letter to my mom and send her a chunk of money to start a fund for my nephew and for possible funereal costs when/if my brother dies soon. i also have to tell her in the letter that i have tickets for amsterdam this april. i'm making an effort this year to be more forthcoming with those few people i interact with.

the apartment is half-way clean. the inspectors came back today. they just looked, ticked off something on a clipboard and left. very nice. i'm sure they were just please that it was a million times better than it was last time they came.

brian said that it wasn't normal that they come and that someone must have called in a complaint about a tenant or the building and they were required to check all the units. who knows.\

i have to update my resume. perhaps brian will pick me up after class. i left a message for him. if he does, i'll see if he minds stopping at kinko's to make some copies before he drops me at home. we'll see. i need money.

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