January 10th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

Look How Vain I Am (meme)

miss jaki noticed how much venting is going on in journals and how little strokes people give themselves. can't deny it. so here's how vain i am. pass it on. write your own. enjoy:

i have the softest skin in the world. i rarely get a pimple. my hair grows very fast. it's long again and i had nearly a bald head a year and a half ago. i have big, soft brown eyes that i can make expressive or blank at will, even while hiding behind ugly, black plastic frames. i have a good poker face, yet i can tell you a lot if i choose to. all with my eyes.

i finished the last three semesters of college going to school full time and working full time. so kiss my ass: i kick BUTT. i'm tough. i'm funny in my own dry, slow sort of way. i'm working on being kind, but i've always been nice. i'm polite with people. this is good. courtesy costs nothing. and the goddess hates ugly.

i am easily impressed by nature and people. i admire people, even when they let me down. i'm not very fickle in that way. i may get annoyed. i may whine and get jaded. but i also got your back.

i give fabulous head and am able to suppress my gag reflex. i am an attentive lover. i try very hard to make my lover and friends feel important. i WORK, bitches! whether it works or not is another story. and it's not phony. i mean it, whether they believe it or not.

i may not be well-read, but i'm intelligent. i am not marketable. it's time i thought of this as a plus rather than a minus. there is NO ONE like me. and why shouldn't i be considered a treasure rather than an oddity? well. i AM a treasure. but you have to have a trained eye. so there.

that's how vain I am. peace out.

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