January 5th, 2005

Coffee Squirrel

feeling lazy...

it's tiring to deal with things. i kinda don't want to anymore. i overheard some guys here at school saying that it's minnesota law that if you're under five feet you're considered disabled. perhaps i should just sit at home, watch TV and collect disability and keep files on people...i'm going to have to google that and see if it's true.

yes, television is stupid. but i'm not too judgemental about folks that watch it. especially since i've got no social outlet. it makes me feel as if i'm having some sort of connection with the world. and in a way i am: whatever i'm watching, a few million others are watching, too. television doesn't mind that i'm socially awkward. it doesn't assume my intelligence by the fact that i'm watching it.

i've worked hard. i've been on survival mode. it would be nice to thrive a little. or at least take a break from treading water. i'm 34. i've got a college degree, but i can't get out of this financial, career, and social void. we'll see if i can make a go of eugene...

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Coffee Squirrel

going home

i'm tired. i'm less cranky now than i was earlier. we're about to be let out of class. i've got 3 chapters to read to catch up. OY! we'll see if i do it.

i was invited to a party that happens to be on my birthday. a bacon and porn party. should be fun. i just need to make sure i get a ride. has anyone renting had the management company send someone into your apartment from the city? apparently they send these folks once a year. i thought they were going to just check the smoke detector. they gave me notice to clean the place. eric and i are filthy pigs. i have picked up papers. eric's done most of the work, though, to clean. i understand the paper and clothes on the floor, but what do my dishes have to do with anything the city might want? so there were dirty dishes. they weren't there for a month... ahh, well.

point is; must clean...

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