December 28th, 2004

Coffee Squirrel

5 minutes...

i've only got a couple of minutes. here are the highlights:

train was 2 hours late going home on the 23rd.

my brother went into the hospital on teh 24th. he came back on the 25th, his birthday. he was dehydrated. kind of scary, yet detached feeling about it. i stayed home, my mom and sister went to the hospital.

my mom gave me a robe. my sister gave me a marshall field's gift card. i gave nothing. i was broke.

my niece braided my hair. it's still in. she's getting better. i have no clue how to do corn rows.

i saw my close friend ali-cat. fabulous to hug her again.

couldn't get a cab from the train station when i got back to st. paul. walk a couple of miles to snelling and caught the bus.

there's more. i'll write later. i've been lax...