November 2nd, 2004

Coffee Squirrel

the vote

i voted. eric voted. i'm glad of it, but anxious to see if there were enough of us to make any difference. most people don't want to share what they have. they want the status quo to continue. they don't want to put into the collective pot so we can all walk toward the future together. they want their SUV's and their spoiled kids and their houses that they can barely afford.

let them have it. if bush wins, i seriously have to think about finding a legal way to get out of here, even if it's just for a year. that might get me the connections to stay away longer.

well, we'll see. i just hope there's not this long drawn out thing over the votes, but i suppose it's inevitable.

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Coffee Squirrel

calmer now...

i was a bit dramatic, though not at all joking, about the expatriating thing. if the opportunity presents itself, well. there it is.

at any rate, i've been encouraged and heartened by how many progressive folk i've talked to who have voted. it's a good thing.

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