October 29th, 2004

Coffee Squirrel


wrote a story about my own death. i had a stroke from the pill and smoking. only about one page long. i may work on it again tonight. it will be the second day in a row of my keeping the deal to write every single day, even if only one or two pages. we'll see how long i go tonight.

brian called. may go somewhere with him this weekend. it's nice to go out to movies. eric doesn't care either way, but there's something magical and social about sitting with strangers and watching a film. i like it. most of the time, at least. there was a time in chicago when i went to see "fargo" at a second run theatre and there had to be some of the loudest, least couth, least refined people in the world. they spoke at ear-splitting decibles throughout entire film. i enjoyed "fargo" much more when i rented it a year later. and how sexy is frances mcdormand? SO sexy. "laurel canyon" was fabulous. she played the kind of person i would like to be -- well, without the overindulgent drug use. her character didn't have a lot of apologies and regrets as i do.

i don't work at either job tomorrow. sunday i'll work at the coffee shop. then i have one more weekend and it's done. but tomorrow, since i'll have time, i'll try to clean before the movie (that is, if i go to a movie with brian tomorrow. it may be that sunday is better). i have to e-mail my co-worker and decline the halloween party. i don't have a costume anyway. i'll make the next event she invites me to. that is the deal i made with myself. i have to make SOME effort to get out, even if it's awkward. i also have to keep up with the writing.

well. more later. i have some data to enter, yo!

tee, hee!

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Coffee Squirrel

tiny revelation...

i found out it's not actually kids i hate. something about PARENTS unnerves me. a little girl came in yesterday and threw a fit because she couldn't buy anything. she had a costume at home. they were there to get one for her sister. instead of explaining that just because we go somewhere doesn't mean we're going to buy something, she bought the little brat a trinket that she's going to forget about or lose in a day or two. GRRRRR...

these kids grow up to cheat on tests. these kids secretly shoplift. these kids make others who have less feel like losers. why would you raise someone to be so full of need and entitlement? why would you unleash such a being on others?

i suppose kids mirror the parents, even as they develop some quirks of their own. at any rate. it's almost time for me to close the store. the owner of the coffee shop came in. this sunday is my last day there. i'm almost grateful. now it'll just go back to being a coffee shop instead of a place of work.

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