October 23rd, 2004

Coffee Squirrel

More Faroe Islands...

when checking on health services and things in the Faroe Islands, i found that they have the most services per capita for mental health! i was so psyched about that. of course, if i move there, we could get married. it might be more convenient. if we could become residents and get covered by the state there, eric would be well taken care of. and we could go to amsterdam on the weekends so he can get his fix of busy city life.

i think the only way the Faroe Island thing will happen is if i find a way to WRITE my way over there or start a company that sells vacation packages to the Islands. i've never been there, so number two would not be viable right now. i gave myself more time on "teach for america", and i'm writing up a letter of resignation for the coffee shop, so i'll have more time to write and send things out. we'll see. perhaps i can get paid and have a finished product for my now nonexistent writing portfolio. wish me luck. even if i don't end up there, at least i'll have income i can generate anywhere. my friend ali-cat said that the chicago tribune endorsed bush. bastards. she canceled her subscription. this becomes more important if bush wins because i'll HAVE to get out of the country and make sure i have to option of coming back to see my family. we've got a reunion coming up next summer, you know.

at any rate. i don't think it will be very nice here. and i don't think we'll be safer. he's making us out to be imperialist and colonizers. i, as an african-american, can't deal with that sort of sense of entitlement in a country. eric's sister's car was egged by some folks because of her kerry bumper stickers. the lows to which this election has taken folks on both sides is just ridiculous. so much for freedom of speech and expression. that freedom will be crushed even more completely if bush gets in again.

let's knock down the reasons we went into iraq, shall we:

1. WMD's - enough said. there were none. and if there were, we supported saddam back when we didn't like iran, so it would be our doing that gave him the power to get them.

2. Humanitarian (or Liberate the Iraqis) - well. most iraqi women don't leave the house anymore. so much for freedom. they can't associate internationally anymore or their houses get bombed from folks thinking they're fraternizing with those "evil americans". so much for allowing them into the international arena.

3. Oil (HE-llo!) - while searching for WMD's, we also checked out the iraqi pipeline...perhaps to make sure it worked well for us when we took over...? why couldn't we just SUPPORT the iraqi people changing their own country rather than going in and shooting our wad? why didn't we FULLY get behind those who want progress in the islamic and arab world? because, like haiti, like in many places in south america, we don't like it when someone is in power that we can't use. we'll support opposition of that persona non grata with weapons to their enemies, propaganda, and worse. since when has it mattered that because of U.S. interference, innumerable deaths have occurred?

well, that's my speech for today. the Faroe Islands are looking better and better...

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