October 20th, 2004

Coffee Squirrel

Faroe Islands

i wonder what the Danish health care system is like. i have some research to do. i wanna move to the Faroe Islands. i have to be sure that eric will be covered as far as his schizophrenia meds and having someone to talk to. though i don't think that the someone to talk to thing will be an issue. it seems that island culture and the culture of villages in harsh environments lends to folks being open to talking to any new person to come to town and then they are incorporated, quirks and all. eric and i, with our oddball selves will be able to find some close friends who don't mind that we're both warm-yet-cool, oddly direct and criminally shy.

it's also a cool thing that in the Faroe Islands, a lot of houses have grass growing on the roof. it's true! go to any website that has images of the Faroe Islands and you'll see what i mean. i want a house with grass on the roof! i can't wait!

i could have a place in Eugene, Oregon and one in the Faroe Islands. i'm thinking about starting a business arranging travels in the Faroe Islands called Faroe-Ease. It's very specific and small niche, but it could work, along with freelance writing and my *other" business idea. better go. customer.