September 30th, 2004

Coffee Squirrel

getting sick...

i'm stuffy. my sinuses hurt. i had trouble sleeping yesterday. i think that my body is adjusting to working at children's place. have i mentioned that i don't like kids and that i blatantly lied to get this job? well, i did. most of my nieces and nephews are okay. but it's just that they're okay, not that they're kids and need to be fawned over because they're kids. i don't deify babies.

at any rate. they're filthy, the kids. i need to get some lysol and make sure i spray everything nightly. if i get conjunctivitis i'm going to have to kill someone. i don't have insurance and will probably have to live with eyes crusted shut.

i don't want to watch the debates. i think that the fact that kerry, rich as he is, went to viet nam while bush stays here says it all. it speaks to his willingness to use his family and friends. it speaks to his not standing behind what he says he believes in. it speaks to the fact that he's sitting on a high horse. even though kerry looks like his face is melting (tee, hee), he seems to be a better fit. and it's not as if W hasn't flipped and flopped. my sister might actually vote for the psycho again this year. i don't know how she blinds herself to him. as a black woman, i also don't see how dr. rice sleeps at night. i hear her sister is like her evil twin. just as smart, but more liberal and realistic. i don't think of conservatives as realistic at all. i think they are nostalgic. nostalgic for a time that never existed. i don't feel nostalgia. i LIKE that i can sit where i want to on the bus. i like that i can now live with my white, male schizophrenic friend and the thing that irks people is not the difference in our skin colors, but the fact that he smokes. i don't wanna go back. i wanna go to denmark.