August 31st, 2004

Coffee Squirrel


i spent my first day at the new coffee shop job wondering what my check will look like. i work for a very nice lady. she was kind to me when my car was totaled. it almost seems rude to ask how much i'm going to be paid. but it will be an issue soon. not that i wasn't expecting to have to get a second job -- we ARE talking about working at a coffee shop. and i have bills to pay.

but that's boring. i finished sybil leek's "diary of a witch". i was...not sure how much to believe. and there was a surprising lack of specificity. interesting in general, though. i like her descriptions of her childhood.

i'm not certain what to read next. i have a copy of plato's republic and have never read it. i could, conceivably, use this down time to build brain power. maybe i'd feel less hungry. i don't do anything all day and still want to eat the world. perhaps i should join overeater's anonymous. i could actually use the info or just be sort of Tyler Durden-y about it and use it as a place to pretend to be human, part of society, worthy of interacting with these beings...

i do need to get out of the house. it's either get out or clean it. either would be beneficial. eric did the dishes. it took a lot of work being that they sat for days. and days. and days.

i think i'll write some sort of non-fiction piece about being fired. perhaps i've still got some bitterness about that to get out. i WAS working there for almost four years. they did get bought out twice. i DID have to change insurance virtually every year. they DID hire some bitchy new supervisor to clean out the undesirables and then fire HER a couple weeks later.

well. more some other time. eric got tickets to the MN state fair. woo-hoo. but, hey, we'll go on thursday so that we can prove we got out of the apartment. i'll take photos. i need to use up the disposable camera anyway. i have to see how many might be usable to send to the folks i signed up with to be an extra in movies or commercials.

oh. i better go. i may get some other books to read. some of the classics i haven't read yet. i AM at the library. sheesh.