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Get ready to rumble!

I'm talkin' to YOU: dishes, dustbunnies and household dirt. You're goin' DOWN! In fact, I am logging off the computer as soon as I post this and we are going to DANCE. I'm gonna throw in a horror movie to set the mood and go through every shred of paper and get rid  of what I don't need. I'm going to fill out a preference form so that I won't get as much junk mail. I am filling that out tonight and mailing it tomorrow.

Oh, yes: I WILL make it a possibly to have guests and to study at home. It will happen. And it starts tonight.

I also got a couple of recipes that I'm going to try. They are casserole recipes that will stay in the fridge and allow us to cook once or twice a week. I gotta pick up the ingredients tomorrow. I'm also going to pack the trash bag of clothes that don't fit. That's going to Goodwill tomorrow after work.

What's the inspiration? I don't know. I'm just mad. I'm that joyous kind of angry. I also had a fabulous day yesterday, meeting a new friend (hopefully) for a walk on a beautiful day. It's too nice to let myself get beat up -- even if it's ME that's doin' the beating. It's SPRING, dammit. And an old heifer's fancy turns to...MAKING STUFF HAPPEN.
Tags: clean, excited, spring, walk
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