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Yesterday and This Morning. Plus and minus

+1 I got to see my student dentist. I love that woman.

-1 Paying for cab because I missed the first bus and they don't run often out here in Bloomington. I would have been late.

+1 I had gyros for lunch at a new restaurant near the job. They were good.

+1 Eric made soup for dinner with mushrooms, potatoes and leeks!

-1 Law & Order: SVU wasn't that great.

-1 I wasn't able to concentrate on reading or writing. Anything. At all. Moving anxiety?

+1 I found out that others see what I see and that my work is appreciated.

+1 My nice co-worker said she'd miss me as a person AND my work ethic and decency. Nice to hear. Little does she know.

All in all, I'm pleased if tired. Now I just have to kick my butt into FINALLY arranging the truck. The trip out to Eugene to find the place is set for April. At first, I was thinking 15 May. My brother gave me a look through the phone. I could FEEL it. "Now you know...!" He began. It hit me. His daughter's birthday is 16 May. He refuses to be out of town for that. Can I take the time to remind you that my brother is ten million times the dad my dad is? Those two crack me up when they're together. Anyway, that's why I changed the plan to 10 May before I even started.

My day is starting on the plus side. Can't ask for more than that!
Tags: appreciation, pluses and minuses, work
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